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Patriotic Kool Koat Bundle

Patriotic Kool Koat
Patriotic Kool Koat
Super Mirror Red
Super Mirror White
Super Mirror Blue
Candy Blue Translucent
Candy Apple Red Translucent
Kneeling Soldier Metal Art
Wounded Warrior
Distressed American Battle Flag
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    Patriotic Kool Koat 3.0 DPW

    This limited edition, patriotic themed Kool Koat 3.0 DPW comes with 5 pounds of powder and your choice of metal art! Not only is this a fantastic deal, but a portion of each sale will be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project!

    *Some prep work on metal art such as sanding and de-burring may be required*

    Kool Koat 3.0 DPW

    The Kool Koat series is the powder coating gun that continues to revolutionize the powder coating industry. The Kool Koat 3.0 is the ultimate in powder coating performance. It comes with everything you need to start applying powder coating from day one. Great for hobbyists and professionals alike! With the Kool Koat 3.0 you have a fully adjustable 100 KV, the latest in Digital Pulse Wave technology, as well as integrated air gauges for enhanced powder and air flow control. This system incorporates our upgradable chassis.

    What this gun has over the other comparisons!

    • Patented Scalable/Upgradable Chassis System.
    • Because of the Chassis System you have many add ons that can enhance your powder coating experience from adding fluidization hoppers, vibration stands, air regulators, etc. to taking your unit from a table top unit all the way up to a box feed system.
    • Comes with Standard Gun or Upgrade to our New Cup Gun with Straight Shot technology so you can switch to and from your cup gun system to direct spray like the standard gun.
    • Board designed for optimum output. In other words, our boards are engineered to work as 1 unit without additional add-ons, circuits or boards such a the wave technology our competitors try to make work with old technology boards.
    • Does not need additional nozzles to apply multiple coats. Comes with a Wide-Mouth Multi-Coat Nozzle - Tested up to 15 Coats COLD and also coats WOOD, GLASS and many PLASTICS they no other system will do.
    • Newer Electrostatics for smoother flow and proper adhesion - Feel of the spray is beyond anything else.
    • Comes with a push connector outlet for future air usage for oppositional accessories like our Kool Koat Powder Keg Fluidizing Hoppers when you want to upgrade - No more rigging additional splitters as this is a standard for all Kool Koat systems, 2.0 and up.
    • Because we developed these guns and have been coating for over 20 years, you have the best knowledge in the industry of how you want and need to powder coat. No more overpriced expensive Industrial Guns.
    • No Worry 30 Day Money Back Guarantee plus you are added to our Powder Coating Gun Owners Club and save substantial amount of money on your powder coating and ceramic supplies from Columbia Coatings.


    • Adjustable KV’s (0-100) with DPW technology. Digital Pulse Wave (DPW) fights "Faraday Cage Effect" by adding enhanced pulsation powder charge handling at 200 times a minute.
    • Switchable Display from KV to AMPS
    • Integrated gauge powder feed adjustment
    • Secondary Air Feed adjustments for optional accessories like industrial hoppers, etc.
    • Includes a standard 1" nozzle, wide mouth multi-coat nozzle, flat spray nozzle.
    • 3-15mm conical tips, 3-20mm conical tips
    • Includes 1 lb and 2 lb standard hoppers
    • Includes all hoses and cables
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Patriotic Kool Koat 3.0 DPW

    1 pound each of:

    • Candy Apple Red
    • Candy Blue
    • Super Mirror Red
    • Super Mirror Blue
    • Super Mirror White

    Your choice of one of the following:

    • 12" Wounded Warriors Project Logo
    • 12" Distressed American Battle Flag
    • 12" Kneeling Soldier
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