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Vortex Cup Gun Attachment

Vortex Cup Gun Attachment
Vortex Cup Gun Attachment
Vortex Cup Gun Attachment
Vortex Cup Gun Attachment
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    NOTE: This product can only be used with Model 3 powder coating guns (Hyper Smooth or Kool Koat).

    The Vortex Cup Gun Attachment is the product of careful design specifications. We crafted this accessory to better distribute your powder during application.

    The lower port design agitates and spins the powder in the cup for better distribution, allowing for a more complete use of the powder before needing to refill. The upper ports mix the spinning powder with rinse air before the powder feeds up to the gun, and the result is a more consistent powder flow than ever before in a cup attachment powder gun.

    The cup gun attachment no longer requires two air ports, so customers with single regulator units can now enjoy powder coating with a cup gun attachment.

    Does it burp, cough, or sputter?

    We designed the Vortex Cup Gun Attachment for a consistent flow of powder to avoid sputtering. Using a regulator with your cup gun attachment can further help to prevent sputtering.

    How far can it tilt while in use?

    The Vortex can operate at an angle as extreme as 45 degrees. If you need more mobility than this, consider using a hopper system.

    Which powder coating gun systems can be paired with the Vortex?

    Use this cup gun attachment with Columbia Coatings Model 3 gun systems.

    (1) Vortex Cup Gun Attachment, as pictured

    (1) ΒΌ" hose, 12 feet