Out Gass Builder Primer

  • Out Gass Builder Primer - W6779001
  • Out Gass Builder Primer - W6779001

Out-Gass Builder  Primer

This primer addresses out-gassing issues common with aluminum and cast metals. Its high-build characteristics enable it to be used as a building/filling material as well, like a Bondo for Powder Coating.  This is an ideal universal primer. It shoots and coats like other powders. Adding a priming step to your process can help defeat problems with adhesion, poor surface quality, uneven surfaces, and orange peel. 

Application Instructions:

1. This powder can be applied to warm or cold metal. If it is being applied to warm metal, heat the substrate to 175º-200ºF so that the pores in the metal are open.

2.  Cure thin parts (Example: valve covers) for 20 minutes and thick parts (Example: wheels and intake manifolds) for 30 minutes at 400ºF. (TOTAL TIME IN OVEN - NOT PART METAL TEMPERATURE)

3.  Once part is cured, remove and inspect part. If there are defects, cavities, or voids more coating can be applied. Follow the previous steps to cure. The Out Gas Primer can be sanded to remove any rough surfaces.

4. Apply your final coat of powder following the manufacturer's application and cure instructions.

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    Nice to keep on the shelf

    This primer has saved me on many jobs. I do a lot of race car motor parts and they are usually all oil soaked grimy aluminum, and as you know sometimes you just can't outgas for long enough to get it all out. This primer will lay down smooth everytime and close those outgas bubbles up

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