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Zinc Rich Primer zinc, rich, primer, base, coat,
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This is a good primer for epoxies, as well as other powders. Great for chemical resistance and high impact durability. It's shoots and coats like other powders. Adding a priming step to your process can help defeat problems with adhesion, poor surface quality, uneven surfaces, and orange peel. APPLICATION NOTE: Be sure that you only do a PARTIAL CURE on this primer before applying your top coat of powder. If you cure this epoxy based Zinc Primer all of the way, your top coat WILL NOT adhere....

Rapid Strip Liquid Rapid Strip Liquid - 30 Gal.
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RAPID STRIP (Liquid) One of the most powerful strippers on the market plus one of the safest! We at Columbia Coatings have been known to carry the best strippers the market has to offer. With that said, we ventured to make a stripper with comparable results as our best metal strippers with some advantages! With our all new Rapid Strip you can now have the best of all worlds when using a chemical stripper! FEATURES Solvent based with extremely low evaporation rate additives! It is water...