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Sames Kremlin Inocart VT sames, kremlin, powder, coating, system, box, feed, vibrating, stand, gun, fluidizer, fluidizing, sameskremlin, samez,
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Sames Kremlin Item #: INOCARTVT -

INOCART VT COMPLETE POWDER PACKAGE The Inocart VT is a simple and complete manual solution for applying powder. Partnering the Inogun M spray gun and the Inobox control module enhances the user's experience. It contains a user-friendly interface with advanced ergonomic functions to help maintain the focus on the powder application and the finish quality. USER-FRIENDLY COMPACT EQUIPMENT FOR EXCEPTIONAL FINISH Fast color changes: Under 25 seconds to cleanEfficient powder transfer: TEC5...

Table Vibration Stand Table Vibration Stand
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Kool Koat Item #: TS1-GP -

Vibratory stands require less air flow and prevent powder packing, which results in a steadier supply of powder. Constantly agitating the powder ensures a finer, more consistent spray, resulting in more efficient charging. Light weight construction for easy maneuverabilityAir regulator for solid controlBuilt in Vibration systemWorks with all 1lb - 2lb HoppersVelcro strap quickly secures hoppers