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Hyper Smooth 02 Basic Upgrade Kit Hyper Smooth 02 Basic Upgrade Kit, hyper smooth, hypersmooth, basic, kit, upgrade
Price: $250.00
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Hyper Smooth Item #: HS02-BASIC-KIT -

Hyper Smooth 02 Basic Upgrade Kit This kit upgrades your Hyper Smooth 02 Basic (HS02-BASIC) to a complete Hyper Smooth 02 LED powder coating system! NOTE: This kit is designed specifically for the Hyper Smooth 02 Basic See Hyper Smooth 02 Basic here: shop here Kit Includes: 1 each: 1lb. & 2lb. HoppersWide mouth multi-coat nozzle15' latex hoseGun barb (for latex hose)Conical nozzle tips ...

Wide Mouth Insert Wide, Mouth, Multi, Coat, Nozzle, insert, fan, blade
Price: $19.99
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Columbia Coatings Item #: WMMCN-IN -

WIDE MOUTH INSERT This new and improved insert is designed to slow down the powder flow from your Wide Mouth Multi-Coat Nozzle. This creates a softer spray pattern, which will reduce powder waste. Wide Mouth Multi-Coat Nozzle sold separately.

Wide Mouth Multi-Coat Nozzle - Omega Wide, Mouth, Multi, Coat, Nozzle
Price: $85.00
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Columbia Coatings Item #: WMMCN-OM -

This Wide Mouth Nozzle is compatible with the Omega Series powder gun. This nozzle creates a wider, softer spray pattern for great coverage and ability to get into cracks and hard to reach places.Only available for Kool Koat or Hyper Smooth system owners. Please call to order.

Standard Hopper Standard Hopper
Price: $24.99
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Columbia Coatings Item #: KKSH -

STANDARD HOPPER These are the standard hoppers that come with our Hyper Smooth and Kool Koat systems. The new and improved design now utilizes Vortex Technology for more consistent powder flow.  Features: Durable polyethylene construction Industrial strength fittingsEasy color changeNOTE: Do not over-tighten the hopper lids or over fill the hoppers.The 1lb & 2lb hoppers have different stem lengths. ...

Gun Barb
Price: $29.99
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Columbia Coatings Item #: KK-BARB -

The gun barb holds the latex powder hose and attaches to the gun stem on the spray gun.This part is compatible with the Model 3 and Omega powder coating guns.

Latex Powder Hose Latex Powder Hose
Price: $18.99
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Columbia Coatings Item #: KKLTXHS -

Need extra, longer, or shorter powder hose for your powder coating system? Our Latex Powder Hose is very maneuverable and durable, and it's the best hose for the money! For use with all Kool Koat and Hyper Smooth coating systems.

Conical Nozzle Tip - Omega Conical, Nozzle, Tip, diffuser, cone
Price: $9.99
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Columbia Coatings Item #: KK-10-OM -

Replacement diffuser tips for the Omega standard nozzle Available in the following sizes: 16 mm, 20 mm, 24 mm, and 32 mm.