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V3 Vortex Cup Replacement Bullet Stem
Price: $19.99
Availability: Vortex Production
Item #: KKVTXCPBS-V3 -

This is a replacement Bullet Stem for the new V3 Vortex Cup. This is not compatible with older designs. Bullet Stem Features: Great for spraying powder with a smaller setup.Give consistent powder flow at just about any angle.Recommended use with Standard and Texture powders.Great for both beginner and professional powder coaters.

Kool Koat Mini-Stand Kool, Koat, Mini-Stand, mini, stand, box, feed, box-feed, fluidizer, fluidizing
Price: $175.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: KKMS -

Kool Koat Mini-Stand The Kool Koat Mini-Stand gives you the flexibility and consistency of a Box Feed Stand in a small package. This stand also allows for even easier and faster color changes. This system is only compatible with systems that have at least two independently-controlled, trigger-activated air lines. (i.e. Kool Koat HD, Kool Koat 3.0, Hyper Smooth 03, etc.) This product requires a pump to function. If you do not have one already, you will need to purchase one. ...

Standard Hopper Mounting Bracket Standard, Hopper, Mounting, Bracket
Price: $19.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: KKSHMB -

This mounting bracket is designed to hold our new Standard Hoppers. The mounting holes are compatible with all Kool Koat and Hyper Smooth control boxes.

Universal Box Feed Stand Universal, Box, Feed, Stand, dolly
Price: $999.99
Availability: Stands Built to Order
Item #: KKUBFS -

The Kool Koat Universal Box Feed Stand is compatible with a wide range of powder coating systems. Currently, there is an option for three different manufacturers with more to come.Key Features:On-Board Fluidization ControlVibratory BaseUtility TraySide ShelvesCaster Wheels

Industrial Gun Stand Industrial, Dolly, cart, stand
Price: $749.99
Availability: Stands Built to Order
Item #: KKGST -

INDUSTRIAL GUN STAND The Industrial Gun Stand is an ideal place to mount your Kool Koat or Hyper Smooth gun. It provides a great way to move your gun system around your workspace with ease. Features Built in air regulators w/ gauge Heavy duty construction Caster wheels for easy maneuverability Holds both Kool Koat and Hyper Smooth systems Built-in tray for storageSide-mounted stand for standard hoppers or small fluidizing hoppers. * STAND ONLY. ...

5w x 8h x 4l Spray Booth kool koat, powder coating, booth wall, powder wall, powder coating booth, kool koat booth, 584, 5x8x4
Price: CALL
Availability: Booths Built to Order
Item #: KKSB584 -

Kool Koat Spray Booth 5'w x 8'h x 4'l Open-Face booth manufactured to be powder coating specific Heavy duty construction using 12, 16 and 18 gauge galvanized G90 US Steel Laser-cut precision panels with nut and bolt assembly design Filtration system using HEPA filters to eliminate airborne particles NEMA1 UL listed control enclosure Proudly manufactured in the USA ...

3 Booth & 2 Oven Pair 2, 3, Electric, Batch, Oven, 232, rolling, small, kool, koat, compact
Price: CALL
Availability: Booths Built to Order
Item #: KK342232 -

KOOL KOAT BOOTH These affordable, industrial units are designed and manufactured right here in Columbia TN. Our open-faced booths are designed to maximize workspace while reducing the amount of floor space it takes up. Perfect for working with smaller parts like wheels, manifolds, valve covers, etc. This booth ships unassembled and can be installed in no time. Booth Key Features The internal dimensions of this booth are: 3' x 4' x 2' (W x H x D)The external dimensions of this...

Kool Koat Turn-Key Powder System: 2x3x2 Oven, 3x4x2 Booth, Kool Koat 2.0 DPW powder, coating, spray, booth, oven, combo, 232, 342, rolling, small
Price: CALL
Availability: Ovens Built to Order
Item #: KK342-232-TK -

This kit includes the following: 2'x3.75'x2' Electric Oven3'x4'x2' Spray BoothKool Koat 2.0 DPW Detailed information below

Coating Thickness Gauge coating, thickness, gauge, film, Microprocessor Digital Film Thickness Meter
Price: $144.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: CTG -

This compact, digital gauge can be used for non-destructive coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint, enamel, chrome on steel, and insulating coatings, e.g. paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals. Features: 128*128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operationsTwo measure mode: single and continuousTwo group mode: direct (DIR) and general (GEN), readings will be lost when power off in direct mode, and not be lost in general mode. Readings can be stored...

8 oz. Mini Hopper mini, hopper, bottle, sample, test, small
Price: $19.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 8KKMH-GP -

8 oz. Mini Hopper Not compatible with our 2 oz. sample bottles. This hopper is perfect for quick, small jobs or for spraying test samples! Features: Durable polyethylene constructionIndustrial strength fittingsEasy color change Get this item for FREE when you spend at least $500. All you have to do is add this product to your cart, and enter the code: MINI500. Only one code may be entered at a time. At least one item in your order must ship from Columbia Coatings. ...

V2 Vortex Cup Replacement Cylinder cylinder, cup, kkcgo2c, vortex, replacement
Price: $29.99
Availability: Vortex Production

This is a replacement cylinder for the new Vortex Cup. This is not compatible with older designs.

V2 Vortex Cup Replacement Base
Price: $24.99
Availability: Vortex Production

This is a replacement base for the new Vortex Cup. This is not compatible with older designs.