Kool Koat Turn-Key Powder System: 2x3x2 Oven, 3x4x2 Booth, Kool Koat 2.0 DPW

This kit includes the following:

  • 2'x3.75'x2' Electric Oven
  • 3'x4'x2' Spray Booth
  • Kool Koat 2.0 DPW

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This kit includes the following:

  • 2'x3.75'x2' Electric Oven
  • 3'x4'x2' Spray Booth
  • Kool Koat 2.0 DPW

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These affordable, industrial units are designed and manufactured right here in Columbia TN. Our open-faced booths are designed to maximize workspace while reducing the amount of floor space it takes up. Perfect for working with smaller parts like wheels, manifolds, valve covers, etc. This booth ships unassembled and can be installed in no time. 

Booth Key Features

  • The internal dimensions of this booth are: 3' x 4' x 2' (W x H x D)
  • The external dimensions of this booth are: 44" x 95" x 60" (W x H x D)
  • 110v (runs on standard outlet)
  • Built in LED light
  • High quality, 2 stage filter
  • Multi-position hanging rack
  • Storage shelf beneath the booth
  • Overspray collection tray


Columbia Coatings manufactures a full line of American-made, industrial batch ovens used in both the powder coating and composite curing industries. Kool Koat ovens are economically efficient systems equipped to quickly reach and maintain even cure temperatures from front to back throughout your curing process.

Columbia Coatings uses premium materials and components throughout our ovens. Our systems are manufactured using G90 galvanized US steel, which is precisely cut and bent with our state-of-the-art Amada Laser and Brake Press. The electronic components used in our systems are UL listed / UL Compliant for reliability and security.

Oven Key Features

  • The internal dimensions of this oven are: 2' x 3.75' x 2' (W x H x D)
  • The external dimensions of this oven are: 48" x 81" x 43" (W x H x D)
  • Premium G90 galvanized steel construction.
  • 4” wall thickness with 2 layers of 1250°F high temperature 8# density fiber wool insulation staggered opposite the seam to ensure no heat loss.
  • 220V single phase input. 30 Amp
  • Reaches cure temperatures within 20-30 minutes and maintains consistent temperatures throughout oven space.
  • High Heat Alarm over 515°F.
  • All hardware, fasteners and manuals included with oven.
  • This oven ships unassembled.

Kool Koat 2.0 DPW
The Kool Koat series is the powder coating gun that continues to revolutionize the powder coating industry. The Kool Koat 2.0 gives you industrial results! It comes with everything you need to start applying powder coating from day one. Great for hobbyists and professionals alike! With the Kool Koat 2.0 you have a fully adjustable 100 KV, the latest in Digital Pulse Wave technology, as well as integrated air gauges for enhanced powder and air flow control. This system incorporates our upgradable chassis.

What this gun has over the other comparisons!

  • Patented Scalable/Upgradable Chassis System.
  • Because of the Chassis System you have many add ons that can enhance your powder coating experience from adding fluidization hoppers, vibration stands, air regulators, etc. to taking your unit from a table top unit all the way up to a box feed system.
  • Add our new Vortex Cup for smaller jobs with easy color changes.
  • Board designed for optimum output. In other words, our boards are engineered to work as 1 unit without additional add-ons, circuits or boards such a the wave technology our competitors try to make work with old technology boards.
  • Does not need additional nozzles to apply multiple coats. Comes with a Wide-Mouth Multi-Coat Nozzle - Tested up to 15 Coats COLD and also coats GLASS.
  • Newer Electrostatics for smoother flow and proper adhesion.
  • Comes with a push connector outlet for optional accessories like our Kool Koat Powder Keg Fluidizing Hoppers.This is a standard for all Kool Koat systems, 2.0 and up.
  • Because we developed these guns and have been coating for over 20 years, you have the best knowledge in the industry of how you want and need to powder coat. No more overpriced expensive Industrial Guns.
  • No Worry 30 Day Money Back Guarantee plus you are added to our Powder Coating Gun Owners Club and save substantial amount of money on your powder coating and ceramic supplies from Columbia Coatings.


  • Adjustable KV’s (0-100) with DPW technology. Digital Pulse Wave (DPW) fights "Faraday Cage Effect" by adding enhanced pulsation 200 times a minute
  • 2 air outlets (1 regulated & 1 unregulated)
  • Switchable Display from KV to AMPS
  • Integrated gauge powder feed adjustment
  • Secondary Air Feed adjustments for optional accessories like industrial hoppers, etc.
  • Includes a standard 1" nozzle, wide mouth multi-coat nozzle, flat spray nozzle.
  • Conical nozzle tips: 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 32mm.
  • Includes 1 lb and 2 lb standard hoppers
  • Includes all hoses and cables
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 year warranty (does not include wearable parts)

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