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11" Long Reach Pliers 11" Long Reach Pliers
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Item #: PCNNP -

Avoid touching pre-cured parts and hot part burns with these 11" long reach pliers. Features Drop forged steelInduction hardened teeth for longer lifeNon-slip grips ...

Ceramic Coating Application Gun Ceramic Coating Application Gun
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Columbia Coatings Item #: CCAG2 -

Gravity Fed Ceramic Coating Application Gun Gravity fed gun to apply ceramic coatings with. Follow instructions included with ceramic coatings. Comes with cleaning brush. Features Professional detail gun with adjustable fan nozzle.Adjusts from standard circle pattern to wide fan for more accurate, more efficient coverage4 oz. adjustable gravity feed cup with lid1.5 nozzle is perfect for ceramics and fine workSpray pattern adjustment knobFluid needle preset adjustment knobAir flow adjustment...

Coating Thickness Gauge coating, thickness, gauge, film, Microprocessor Digital Film Thickness Meter
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Kool Koat Item #: CTG -

This compact, digital gauge can be used for non-destructive coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint, enamel, chrome on steel, and insulating coatings, e.g. paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals. Features: 128*128 dot matrix LCD display, standard menu operationsTwo measure mode: single and continuousTwo group mode: direct (DIR) and general (GEN), readings will be lost when power off in direct mode, and not be lost in general mode. Readings can be stored...

Drum Heater (for Metal Drums) drum, heater, heat, strap
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Columbia Coatings Item #: DRUMHTR -

Drum Heater - for Metal Drums ONLY This silicone heater pad is used for heating and heat preservation for drums, such as barrels of chemical powder coat stripper. How to Use: Wrap the heater around your drum/barrel (55 Gal.), use the hook and coil spring attachments to secure a tight fit, plug in the power cord into any 3-prong wall outlet, and turn the thermostat gauge to your desired temperature for instant warming and regulated temperature control.The elastic spring on...

Hand Held Laser Thermometer Hand Held Laser Thermometer
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Columbia Coatings Item #: HHLT -

In-Line Moisture Filter Moisture, Filter
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Columbia Coatings Item #: ILFILTER-GP -

Moisture FilterIn-line filters help keep air supply clean and dry.

Inspection Flashlight inspection, light, flashlight, torch, bright, powder coating, powder coat, uv, ultraviolet, black light, hand, handheld, mount, clip, attachment
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Columbia Coatings Item #: PCIF -

Powder Coating Inspection Flashlight The Inspection Flashlight is high quality, heavy duty, ultra-bright handheld flashlight that is a perfect tool to add to your powder coating arsenal. This is a perfect tool to have for inspecting your powder coating work before the powder is cured. It is fully rechargeable and is made with heavy duty metal. Select one of the optional spray gun mounts to attach this light to your powder gun (for Omega and Sames Inogun spray guns only)....

Kool Koat Auxiliary Air Control Kit Kool Koat Auxiliary Air Control Kit
Price: $99.99
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Kool Koat Item #: KKAACK-GP -

Kool Koat Auxiliary Air Control Kit This unit attaches to your Gun Control Box. It allows you to finely adjust air to both your gun and accessories. This unit is compatible with all Kool Koat gun systems.

Masking Tool Kit Masking, Tool, Kit, tools, tweezer, scissor, ruler, knife, exacto, x-acto
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Columbia Coatings Item #: MTK -

Masking Tool Kit This kit includes a wide variety of tools used for masking your powder coating projects. This kit comes with 14 different tools, and a zippered bag for storage. Includes: Straight tweezerAngled tweezerX-acto knife (with replacement blades)ScissorScrapersPick & hook toolsand more! *Note: color of the scrapers may vary for each kit ...

Moisture Filter Moisture Filter
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Item #: MFILTER-GP -

Moisture FilterIn-line filter helps keep air supply clean and dry. ...

PPE Dust Mask PPE, personal, protection. mask. half, dust, particle, filtering, filter, respirator
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Columbia Coatings Item #: PPEDM -

PPE Dust Mask This #9420V filtering respirator half mask is designed for applications involving fine non-toxic dusts and fibers (like powder coating powder). The respirator meets the requirements of EN149:2001+A1:2009 (FFP2 NR). The respirator can be used in concentrations of contaminants up to 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL).These respirators are for single use only. This particle filtering half mask, marked "NR", should not be used for more than one shift.Features:Light...

PPE Safety Glasses PPE, Safety, Glasses, protect, clear, protection, construction
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Columbia Coatings Item #: PPESG -

PPE Safety Glasses Standard personal protection safety glasses for everyday use.Features:Light weightComfortableReusableCrystal clear lenses