Carrera LTC Clear

Carrera Low Temp Clear Coat (Air Cure)
Designed to give a clear protective film to any part. Increases chemical and corrosion resistance and is a non-stick material so it sheds mud and other debris. Can be used over polished metal with the Brilliance Colorants range for a wide variety of translucent to solid colour finishes. Air cures.
  • Sandblast all parts 10X EpiX Blasting Media MP 70/100 Grit (EPIX), or 120 grit aluminum oxide. DO NOT USE GLASSBEAD.
  • Clean metal using conventional cleaning methods, with acetone, lacquer thinner or other similar non-petroleum based solvent.
  • When the surface is clean and dry, apply a thin even layer of coating using an airbrush, detail touch-up gun such as Columbia Coatings Ceramic Application Gun (CCAG2) or equivalent system that allows for application of a thin film build of approximately .001� to .0015.
  • Avoid excessive build-up of material as this can lead to loss of adhesion. DO NOT APPLY A SECOND COAT AFTER THE COATING DRIES.

The coating will air dry to the touch in a few minutes. You can do a Partial Cure at 500 degrees F. Lower Partial Cure Temperature if ACT (Activator) is added. Allowing you to cure the coating the rest of the way on the vehicle. The coating will cure with exhaust heat, 750 for one hour.

CAUTION: Excessive exhaust heat due to a poorly tuned engine can damage the coating during the cure period. Do not install on a new engine until all adjustments have been made to the valves, timing and jetting. Allow the engine to idle, or drive gently for approximately 30 minutes or until no vapor/smoke is given off by the coating. MAINTAIN adequate ventilation during this process.

FIRST AID: Skin- Flush with water. Eyes-Flush with plenty of water. IF SWALLOWED- Drink plenty of water and milk of magnesia and GET MEDICAL ATTENTION EMERGENCY 1-800-424-9300


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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