Please refer to each powder’s Technical Data Sheet for specific product information.



  • Use our Super Degreaser or similar product to clean your parts.


  • Outgassing your parts before coating allows any impurities in the metal to be expelled before any powder is applied. Place your parts in an oven that is slightly hotter than the cure temperature for your powder, and bake them for slightly longer than the cure time for your powder. For parts that are prone to outgassing, we recommend applying our Out Gass Builder Primer (W6779001) for a base coat.


  • For the best blast profile, use 3060 grit Black Beauty, 120 grit Aluminum Oxide, or EpiX MP70/100. Heavy blasting abrasives are not recommended as they leave a poor profile on the substrate that can cause defects in your coating. Blasting is not required if you are coating over clean, raw material.


  • Use AllPrep Iron Phosphate to promote long-term adhesion between the powder and the substrate. AllPrep is highly recommended if you are not blasting the substrate.


  • Ensure that your parts are properly grounded to a true earth ground.
  • Identify any Faraday areas (tight corners, angles, holes, etc.) and coat them first.
  • Parts can be preheated to help with adhesion. However, we do not recommend coating parts that are hotter than 175ºF.
  • Inspect your coating using a bright flashlight to ensure the substrate is covered evenly.


  • Follow the cure schedule for the powder that you are using. This will be listed on both the powder label and the Technical Data Sheet. The TDS can be found on each product’s page on our website
  • Unless otherwise stated, all cure schedules are listed as Part Metal Temperature. This means that the cure time does not start until the substrate has reached the specified cure temperature.
  • For multi-stage coatings (clear coats, primers, etc.) the powder will need to be partially cured between layers. For solid colors, we recommend curing for 25-50% of the listed cure time. For metallics, we recommend curing for 50-75% of the listed cure time. Follow the full cure schedule for the top coat of powder.