ColorGard Black

ColorGard is a ceramic reinforced coating designed to be applied to automotive exhaust such as Cars, Trucks, Off Road Vehicles, Agricultural, Motor Cycles and much much more. Due to unique ceramic nature, the coating also functions as a very effective thermal barrier while reducing thermal radiation. Keeps your components surrounding coated parts cooler. The coating cures at a very hard super durable surface with excellent adhesion. Most ColorGard coatings can be applied over PrevCor (PCI), CermaSSteel (MCS), or High Heat Base Coat Black (HHBK) to increase corrosion resistance which withstands higher substrate temperature and increases thermal barrier functions


  • Color stable at substrate temperatures of over 1300�F
  • Environmental temperatures up to 1600�F.


Clean metal using standard cleaning methods with Columbia Coatings Super Degreaser (sd-mto25) and can even use a pressure washer with injector for the cleaner. Make sure the parts are rinsed well from chemical then blow the part of after washing. Let parts dry and then repeat process with a Non-Petroleum Solvent Based cleaner such as Acetone, MEK or Toluene if see additional cleaning is needed. Sandblast parts (ONLY WHEN DRY) with 10X EpiX Blasting Media MP 70/100 Grit (EPIX), or 120 grit aluminum oxide. Do not use glass bead!

  • When done blasting blow excess dust from parts and handle with protective gloves to not transfer oil from hands to parts.
  • Put parts in oven at 400 degrees and bake for 30 minutes to kill any contaminates that may be missed from blasting.
  • Let parts cool to room temperature and use an air brush or touch up spray gun such as Columbia Coatings Ceramic Application Gun (CCAG2) or equivalent to a system that allows for application of a thin film build of approximately .001� to .0015.
  • Avoid excessive buildup of material as this can lead to loss of adhesion. DO NOT APPLY SECOND COAT AFTER THE COATING DRIES.
  • The coating will air dry to touch in a few minutes.
  • Partial cure in oven for 500 degrees for 1 hour. Pull and let cool and handle parts with gloves to prevent contamination. To finish curing install parts on vehicle and let idle for one hour to finish curing. Do not drive vehicle as this can exceed heat parameters during final cure and damage coating. Make sure you have good ventilation when curing ceramic this way.
  • To fully cure in oven set temperature at 600-700 degrees for 1 hour.
  • Clean all application equipment and other contaminated tools with Acetone, MEK, Toluene or Lacquer Thinner as long as it is metal.

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