Internal Coating, PowerKote?


Combustion chamber coating for all metals.

  • Excellent for piston tops.

Thermal barrier/heat management

  • Reduces part temperature. Protective to above 2000�F.
  • Keeps heat in the combustion chamber longer through the power stroke.
  • Blurs hot spots. Reduces the potential for detonation.
  • Highly resistant to thermal shock. Survives cyclic heating and cooling.

Increase torque and Horsepower

  • Increase combustion chamber efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.

Water-based, no hazardous fumes, non-flammable.

  • Requires oven curing at 350�F for 1 hour.
  • Easy cleanup with water.

Note: use CBX (below) if using nitrous oxide, supercharged, or turbocharged.

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