Internal Coating, PowerKote?

Internal Coating, PowerKote�

For Use On: Pistons, Combustion Chambers and Valve Ports
The PowerKote� line was developed to provide high pressure and high temperature lubrication. PowerKote� is available in a standard formulation, DFL-1, that will fit most needs. Versions are available that met FDA guidelines as well as versions where lubrication at temperatures over 1500f are needed. Most lubricants begin to fail at @ 700F; PowerKote� will lubricate from sub zero temperatures to well over 2000F. PowerKote� is water based and has no solvents and is a zero VOC material. PowerKote� can be cured by baking at 300F for 1 hour or where baking of the coated component is not possible allowing PowerKote� to air dry is a viable option. The primary curing mechanism is the evaporation of the water. PowerKote� has excellent chemical and solvent resistance. Spray from any conventional spray equipment. PowerKote� may also be brushed on. PowerKote� is also available as a paste where needed.

3oz will cover aprox. 24 4 inch round pistons. Stir and Shake before use. All parts must be clean of all oils, dirt or other debris. Water based no hazardous fumes, non flammable. Blast lightly with 120 grit aluminum oxide at low pressure. Degrease with a non petroleum based solvent. After STIRRING and shaking ( mix in a blender) then apply coating. Spray at an air pressure of about 60 psi through a fine nozzle ( 1mm or less). Allow to dry to a gray/white finish. Bake at a minimum of 350�F for 1 hour. Inspect part after cure for blisters, cracking or flaking. Reduces part temperature. Keeps heat in combustion chamber longer, through the power stroke. Reduce fuel consumption. DO NOT ASSEMBLE IF DAMAGE VISIBLE Polish with 0000 steel wool and a polishing compound. Water Based Paint Use Water For Clean.

Contains aluminum powder and phosphate /chromic solution. Contact with soaps or strong alkalis may produce hydrogen gas causing fire or explosion hazard. DO NOT use water to extinguish fire. Danger: Do not breathe vapors or mists from spraying. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use with adequate ventilation to maintain exposure levels below established exposure limits (see MSDS). If required wear an appropriate NIOSH approved respirator with paint pre-filter.

FIRST AID: Skin- Flush with water. Eyes-Flush with plenty of water. If Swallowed: Drink plenty of water and milk of magnesia and Get Medical Attention -  Emergency: 1-800-424-9300


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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