Lab Metal Powder Paint Filler

LAB-METAL ready-to-use repair and patching compound. Aluminum-filled dent filler for thousands of repairs. "Spreads like paste, hardens into metal", simply by exposure to air.

Lab-metal fills dents and flaws in metal and nonmetal parts easily and economically. Apply Lab-metal right from the can with a putty knife or similar tool. No two-component mixing or measuring is necessary, therefore there is no waste. Heat, special tools and specialized skill are unnecessary.

Lab-metal adheres to any clean and dry metal, wood, glass, plaster, porcelain and hard plastic surface. Its strong bond withstands vibration and other difficult conditions. Lab-metal hardens quickly without heat, providing a durable metal surface.


  • Lab-metal will air dry in a few hours depending on air temperature, metal surface thickness and thickness of application/repair. Apply Lab-metal @ no thicker than 3/8 inch at a time. For powder coating processes in which the metal parts will NEVER be subject to temperatures higher than 425ºF, for durations NO LONGER THAN 20 minutes, for NO MORE THAN one oven pass, Lab-metal may be used.
  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal MUST be used if a part is to be exposed to temperatures above 425ºF for more than 20 minutes in duration (or multiple high-heat exposures).
  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal MUST be used in powder coating processes running at temperatures above 425ºF.
  • Hi-Temp Lab-metal MUST be applied in thin layers (1/4 inch) and allowed to air dry for A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS, then heat cured. This will force any remaining solvent out of the repair(about 400F for about 1/2 hour depending on thickness of application). Instructions are guidelines for curing. Alternative cure times may be appropriate depending on the size of the application.
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