TL-Piston Top Gold


Originally developed for top fuel drag racing engines.

May be used on any combustion chamber surface in any type of engine.

    � Reduces heat penetration on coated parts.

    � Evenly distributes heat, reduces hot spots, aids in flame travel and combustion.

    � Reduces the amount of heat the incoming air/fuel mix absorbs, thereby reducing the potential for detonation.

    � Sheds carbon, reduces carbon buildup.

    � Solvent-based, cleanup with Acetone or similar.


    • Clean metal using conventional cleaning methods, with acetone, lacquer thinner or other similar non-petroleum based solvent.
    • When the surface is clean and dry, apply a thin even layer of coating using an airbrush, detail touch-up gun such as Columbia Coatings Ceramic Application Gun (CCAG2) or equivalent system that allows for application of a thin film build of approximately .001� to .0015.
    • Avoid excessive build-up of material as this can lead to loss of adhesion. DO NOT APPLY A SECOND COAT AFTER THE COATING DRIES.
    • � Requires oven curing at 300�F for 1 hour.


    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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