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Internal Coating, PowerKote?  Internal, Coating, PowerKote?,powder, kote
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Internal Coating, PowerKote� For Use On: Pistons, Combustion Chambers and Valve PortsThe PowerKote� line was developed to provide high pressure and high temperature lubrication. PowerKote� is available in a standard formulation, DFL-1, that will fit most needs. Versions are available that met FDA guidelines as well as versions where lubrication at temperatures over 1500f are needed. Most lubricants begin to fail at @ 700F; PowerKote� will lubricate from sub zero temperatures to well over...

Internal Coating, Powerkote? C-LUBE Internal, Coating, Powerkote?, powder, kote, C-LUBE
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Cermalube� Ceramic Lubricant CermaLube is a ceramic coating, designed to be used, on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating or oscillating friction. CermaLube is designed to carry loads in excess of 350,00 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1600�F. CermaLube is a combination of a unique water based ceramic resin and lubricating solids including, a ceramic lubricating frit. CermaLube combines the durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the...

Internal Coating, Powerkote? Lubricant
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POWERKOTE� PKSX POWDERED LUBRICANT Designed to treat surfaces that either cannot be coated with a liquid lubricant or for parts that cannot be oven-cured.Load-carrying capabilities in excess of 350,000 p.s.i.Bonds at 20-millionths-of-an-inch thick. Requires no clearance changes.Functional lubrication up to 1500�F.Can be applied over dry film lubricants.Fluid retaining, compatible with petroleum-based and synthetic oils.Designed for cylinder walls, lifter bores, and valve guides.Extreme...

Internal Coating, Thermal Dispersant Internal, Coating, Thermal, Dispersant
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TLTD BLACK POLYPHEN� THERMAL DISPERSANT � More evenly distributes heat over a coated surface. � Aids in cooling heat-sensitive parts. � Oil shedding material � Enhances cooling through improved heat transfer to oil and other coolants. � Highly resistant to thermal shock. � Flexible � Survives bending and flexing. � Excellent for intake manifolds, brake components, oil pans, carburetors, radiators, etc. � Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. � Resistant to most chemicals, including...

Metallic Ceramic Paste (1 LB.) Metallic, Ceramic, Paste, pound
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METALLIC CERAMIC PASTE (1 LB.) Thickening MCX with MCP CermaKrome (MCX) and Metalic Ceramic Paste (MCP) are compatible materials and they can be used to thin or thicken each other. These products are both water based and Distilled water can be used to thin them even more. Changing the level of water and aluminum in the coating will change how it dries and the resulting finish, you can use these two products to adjust for environmental changes that are beyond the control of most shops....

PrevCor? Corrosion Inhibiting Base Coat Exhaust,Coating, Prevcor, Corrosion, Inhibitor
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PrevCor� Corrosion Inhibiting Base CoatExhaust System Base Coat that provides extra protection in extreme conditions.Prevcor is a metallic ceramic base coat designed to increase the corrosion resistance of High Heat Top Coatings. Simply spray a thin even coat of Prevcor and allow to fully dry. DO NOT BAKE. Then apply the selected top coat, such as Turbo X or ColorGard. Allow the first light coat to dry, then apply second coat to even the appearance out. Allow to air dry then bake at the...

TL-Piston Top Gold TL-Piston, pistom, Top, Gold
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POLYPHEN� PISTON TOP GOLD THERMAL BARRIER Originally developed for top fuel drag racing engines. May be used on any combustion chamber surface in any type of engine. � Reduces heat penetration on coated parts. � Evenly distributes heat, reduces hot spots, aids in flame travel and combustion. � Reduces the amount of heat the incoming air/fuel mix absorbs, thereby reducing the potential for detonation. � Sheds carbon, reduces carbon buildup. � Solvent-based, cleanup with Acetone or similar....